Acrylic Wind blocker - ND MX5 / Fiat 124

This acrylic wind blocker makes sure you have good visibility while also blocking the wind much better. It comes in either clear or tinted finish

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This wind blocker is designed as a replacement for the plastic mesh wind deflector fitted as standard on the ND Mazda MX5 en Fiat 124 Spider

This kit does not require any drilling or screwing into the vehicle. Bottom mounts clip in and side supporting guides are attached using genuine 3M tape.

The 5mm thick Clear acrylic sheet is laser cut to fit perfectly in between the roll hoops and can be easily cleaned using just soap and water. Acrylic will not yellow from exposure to UV rays as polycarbonate is prone to do.

What this product does do is provide much better visibility in the rearview mirror. Even with the roof up you can see the bulge of the high-level brake light in the mirror. With the roof down the view is much improved. Looks good too!

Fitting is easy following the instructions supplied. The only tool required is a screwdriver to fit the two screws holding the screen into the mounts.

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