Because the roots of AVP on the road lie in the making of automotive videos from event aftermovies to single car close-ups, we are of course also offering this service.

If you are interested to have your video made by us then be sure to fill out the form below and give us a detailed description of what it is you want to have filmed. The location and what you expect from the end result (length, type of music or voice-over, ...). After we receive your request we will contact you further to make sure the end result is as you would want it to be.

Do keep in mind music used in our videos needs to be licenced. This usually means we are not able to use the latest and greatest pop songs, but we do use different libraries which are friendly for media distribution without breaking the bank.

You can find a few of our accomplishments listed below. You can also find all our videos on the AVP on the road Youtube channel.